Mothering Sunday Set Menu @ R220


French onion soup garlic croutons and ementhal cheese   

Tomato salad  buffalo mozzarella, capers, wild rocket and basil     

Salt and pepper prawns  sweet corn puree, shaved radish, lime dressing and chorizo popcorn  

Crispy Thai beef salad rice noodles and nam jim dressing


Roasted linefish crushed potatoes, baby spinach and sauce vierge

Crispy pork belly braised red cabbage, lentils and sautéed potatoes

Roasted beef Béarnaise sauce, roasted tomatoes and chips    

Butternut squash risotto  baby spinach, pickled mushrooms and Madeira sauce 


Vanilla pannacotta warm malva pudding,  plum compote and ice cream

Apple tart fine  beurre noisette ice cream, caramel sauce and cointreau raisins 

‘Cappuccino’  coffee ice cream, milk foam and warm French doughnuts   

Selection of South African cheese  toasted fig bread and lavoche

Valentines Dinner

Valentines dinner menu

R290 per person

 Selection of tapas to share

 Truffle and cheese croquettes tomato and basil dressing

 Bread with tandoori and smoked aubergine dips

 Arancini sun-dried tomato and smoked mozzarella

 Greek salad cucumber, tomato, feta and watermelon


Bouillabaisse line fish, mussels, calamari, prawn and aioli


Roasted lamb loin cassoulet, braised shoulder, summer vegetables and pesto


Butternut squash raviolis baby spinach, sage and pecorino 


Gin and tonic pre dessert


 ‘Cappuccino’ coffee ice cream, milk foam and chocolate macaroons


Selection of South African cheese toasted fig bread and lavoche

Seasons Greetings from Seapoint!

We hope all our customers, family and friends have a wonderfully festive and jolly season ahead, filled with great food, great wine and lots of laughter. We love our families and we love the festive season which is why some of our very own family members will be joining us for Christmas Lunch at La Mouette –see the menu here. Christmas Day Lunch

Also we will be open on New Year’s eve – expect a party to remember with Chef Henry’s special New Year’s Eve Menu – see it here New Years Eve Dinner  and bubbles galore!

 Thank you to everyone for all the support since our opening on the 1st of May – we wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

La Mouette presents it’s 1st annual Garden Party 10.10.2010

 We are delighted in hosting our first ever ‘Garden Party’ at La Mouette Restaurant.

Please see events information as well as a sneak peak at Chef Henry’s new sensational Summer Menu to be served on the day.

 We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Team La Mouette

Spring (menu) has sprung.

It was with great excitement that we anticipated the new Spring Menu from Chef Henry and we weren’t wrong in doing so! The kitchen is definitely evolving at a beautiful and steady pace as the days grow longer and the light grows brighter. Chef Henry seems to have found a nice rhythm in this country that once was so foreign to an English boy from Lincoln.

 The Spring Tasting Menu certainly rivals its older brother, the Winter Menu. Where the root vegetables and warming comfort of the French Onion soup has now been replaced by lighter more seasonal vegetables in for example, the colourful pea and mint risotto or the very flavoursome artichoke veloute. (such a favourite that Chef Henry had to email the recipe to some of our Johannesburg based customers!)

We are very proud of this menu and feedback has been extremely favourable so far. My personal favourite has to be the new sirloin as the main course option – watercress puree and real hollandaise makes this sirloin sing – and just when you cannot lick your lips anymore the ever so slight tamarind glaze always gets you in the end.

 Spring is most certainly here – so break out the bubbles, bring on the sunshine and join us in the courtyard for our seasonal fare in celebration of summer enroute.

We are so pleased to announce our Spring Special Tasting Menu!

Due to popular demand we have decided to extend our Tasting Menu experience to our diners. Regulars get to try something new and newcomes get to taste what we are all about.
Chef Henry loves doing it, so why stop a good thing we ask? My personal favorite on the new menu has to be either the shallot and onion bahji with yogurt and tomato dressing or most certainly the pineapple carpaccio for the dessert option – fruity and clean and a wonderful end to the new menu.
We have enhanced the menu to include 3 options per course and there will always be a veggie option so all is welcome to come and you never have to ask for veggie options!
See our MENU section for details and come and try our new Spring Special.

Tasty tasting menu at La Mouette R150 for 6 courses!

We have been running our Winter Special for one week and I must say, overall the feedback has been amazing with most people requesting email updates of when it changes so they can come again!

Chef Henry Vigar is presenting 6 courses of half-sized portions inspired by our ala carte menu in order for our guests to sample as much as possible in what I like to call the Winter Menu Journey.

First you will be presented with our lovely ‘house bread’ as the staff have started to call it. Home-made foccacia served warm with salted butter. You then start your menu journey with the very addictive and incredibly moreish cheese and truffle croquettes or crispy calamari as a pre-dinner snack. This is followed by a choice of either coconut broth or butternut soup – just enough to not fill you up.

Then comes my favourite; the salt and pepper pork belly or a choice of lovely fresh tuna tartar with avocado puree as the starter course. After that you choose between either the kingklip, served with crushed potatoes and sauce vierge or the sirloin that comes with mash, spinach, bone marrow and bordelaise sauce, cooked to order.

Having tried this menu myself, by this stage I thought ok – I have had enough. But wait – as soon as the apple sorbet with cider foam arrives, this changes the journey to a whole different level. A palate cleanser so fresh you feel like you can do it all again!

And now – I feel it is my duty to award the dessert a whole paragraph of love – my favourite of all times and possibly the reason why I am marrying the chef… Chocolate macaroon with honeycomb ice cream. If I could post photos of the expression on people’s faces when they try this for the 1st time I would as it speaks of heaven and they would be right! Perfect crunch outside to smooth and gorgeous ganache inside. Not too much, but just enough to leave you sweet upon departure.

For the more savoury inclined we also have a peppered cheddar from Kimberly on offer, served with home made lavoche biscuits and chutney. Come and enjoy!

All of this for R150 – 6 courses!


World Cup comes to Seapoint

It feels as though we have come a long way since the ongoing buzz buzz and non-stop sound of vuvuzelas down Regent Road and all of Seapoint, only to get to a day like today.

Father’s Day. Dignified and quiet. Could it be that all vuvu-blowers are taking a rest and have put the trumpets of Africa down for the day? Is it possible? This is the first day in about a week and a half I am yet to hear that now familiar sound.

Now I am as patriotic as the next person, but at some stage a little peace and quiet is well deserved and very welcome. I do feel it – and I know it’s here, and I am so proud to be in South Africa during this glorious event, but to all Seapoint Vuvu-lovers, La Mouette thanks you for this Sunday day of rest – please – tomorrow, return to your stations, yes Mr car-guard I am talking to you – yes Mr Taxi Driver, I am also talking to you – and take the streets with pride, blow your hearts out.

Bafana-bafana needs all the love it can get right now!

Oh and on the subject of Seapoint and all things nice, La Mouette kicks off their Winter Special on the 21st of June with pride. Chef Henry has prepared a wonderful menu of 6 courses for only R150! See Menu tab for details.

We look forward to seeing you here!

La Mouette serving up autumn.

I guess it is the right time to talk about our autumn menu, even if just because everything looks so amazing. Henry is really finding his place in Cape Town and it is a pleasure to be a part of his dynamic and enthusiastic way of thinking, as well as the fact that he is so proud and happy to be here.

 He finds the weather the biggest treat of all – of course, with the lovely Cape Town locals a very close second. There has not been one night so far that customers hadn’t wanted to meet him in person and convey their congratulations and great feedback on the food.

 And talking about the food…

 Good news is that mussels are back on the menu, Henry is yet again serving his wonderful mussel pot with cream and shallot sauce, not to mention the fresh and fragrant tuna tartar with avocado puree (my personal favourite) as well as the new and improved mushroom risotto!

 As Henry’s mum used to say when dining in Kensington Place in London, ‘Henry, it was like autumn on a plate’.

 We cannot thank everyone enough for their support through our growing stages, from the informative and sometimes inventive wine suppliers, to the food suppliers and their amazing produce, all the way to the foodies, bloggers, reviewers, media and above all the locals.

 La Mouette is a happy place and happy to be here, thank you Cape Town!

La Mouette and the story so far

London tales

Henry Vigar had been making a name for himself in London for a number of years as an up and coming young chef and serious contender within the fine dining genre. It was after working in various Michelin starred establishments and also working in France and Australia that he decided at the age of 28 to take the position of head chef at Kensington Place in London’s affluent Notting Hill.

The arrival of a new employee and certain South African Mari Vermaak with a passion for the industry and a dream of one day owning her own restaurant, soon had the English chef under her African spell.

This was January 2008. He wooed her with chocolate ganache and warm macaroons delivered to her office and she made him coffee in the mornings. Fast forward 2 years, 2 resignations, 1 engagement and 2 one way tickets to South Africa and they decided to make a life in the sun in Seapoint, Cape Town.

Seapoint sunsets are the best

They found a flat in Bantry Bay and one afternoon in February, strolled down their new main street only to stumble upon a beautiful old building in Regent Road. A ‘To Let’ sign, a phone call and a viewing the same day with our soon to be new landlord was all that was needed to fall in love with the future La Mouette. Upon opening the front gate they were immediately hit by the sheer size and beauty of what they now refer to as the Mayor’s lady. She was gorgeous! Given – a little tired and neglected by a 10 month emptiness, but she still won their hearts. After all – she used to be the mayor’s house you know. The mayor of Cape Town for 1977 – 1979, Edward Mauerberger resided in what is now called La Mouette.
See the link;

All eggs in two baskets

They approached a good friend, Gerrit Bruwer from Johannesburg who has been himself looking to move to CT and embrace a new challenge as he had told Mari over a wine tasting lunch in Hermanus over the Christmas holiday of ‘09. He had said at the time that he was happiest in the restaurant environment and that he could always see himself being part of the restaurant world. He was called immediately and a week later he flew down from Jhb to look at her, the lady in Regent Road. A business plan and forecasts were presented, but no need as Gerrit had fallen in love too. The lease was signed and the dream was born.