5 Taste Menu

R595 per person or with wine R955

Chef Henry and team invites you to embark on a 5 course flavour journey with us.

Our Secret Menu allows us to excite and surprise our diners and also to explore the 5 tastes in their purest form.

 A well balanced dish speaks a thousand words and by enhancing flavour profiles with seasonal ingredients and interesting textures while highlighting various elements, our team of talented chefs under the leadership of executive Chef Henry – explore what it is that continuously inspires their love of flavour.

We will start your journey with moreish salty notes after which we gently progress into sour. We then entice the palate with an umami course that punches in flavour and cleverly yet in a subtle way lays the groundwork for our main event in bitter undertones. 

A refreshing dessert brings the journey to an end with an inspired celebration of sweet elements.

The menu is available to the whole table only

Pescetarian and vegetarian options available with notice 

Please be advised Our Taste menu is available for the whole table only

Kindly notify management of any dietary restrictions or allergens.

A discretionary 12% service charge will be added to your bill.