Vamos a España!

We are so excited to host our next International Supper Club with a well deserved trip to Spain on the 10th of August.

This type of cuisine must be one of Chef Henry’s all time favourites and rumour has it… ok, it’s true, that Chef Henry and Mari went on their first date to a Spanish tapas bar called Barrafina in London – see the link for said tapas bar here: an absolute must for travellers!   

Beware you will be in a queue and beware you will not care, because before you know it the very clever staff of Barrafina have shoved a glass of dry sherry in your hand and you have given you a charcuterie of beautiful iberico ham to share on the counter you are leaning on in said queue!

But before we get too carried away with young love in Spanish tapas bars, if you were to scroll through their menu (do not attempt this hungry…) you will also see the croquettes making an appearance – and hence where Henry’s love for the cheesy happiness called croquettes was born.

So we say, come and join us for a Spanish night out, there might not be a counter to lean on in a queue, but there will be a communal table and there will be plenty of lovely L’avenir wines to share and enjoy. Chef Henry will also be joining the table after preparing the Spanish feast, because it is after all the sharing of tapas that counts. 

Details for bookings can be seen here: or you can email Janine Hoggins, our marketing and events executive, directly at to book your place.   

Come and join our Spanish table and share the feast.

Spanish taps supper club menu 

Ham and cheese crouquetas 

Pan con tomate with alioi 

Mussels and sherry vinegar 

Classic tortilla 

Sliced Spanish meats 

Sardines a la plancha, tomato and chilli 

Spinach, almond and raisin coca 

Chickpea, chorizo and squid 

Chips, thyme and brava sauce 

Crema Catalana

July Winter Special Menu off to a flying start – South Africa style!

And with that the July Menu was launched on Friday the 1st of July, and what a ride it has been since then. Can we say that the biltong croquettes are literally rolling out of the kitchen like some kind of mad science experiment? We have kept a vegetarian croquette alternative to the menu as we also know how popular the regular cheese croquettes are – but my oh my – the biltong croquettes are taking Seapoint by storm!

Needless to say we request staff tasting sessions all the time. Needless to further say – Chef Henry isn’t falling for our tricks. Oh well a girl can dream…

Our July Winter Special Menu can be seen here:

We have also updated our recipe page with the ‘inside scoop’ as how to make Chef Henry’s delicious Jerusalem Artichoke soup, see the link here

To all you gourmet, foodie, fabulous people out there – why not give Chef Henry’s recipe a go and let us know how you get on. We look forward to some feedback!

Happy eating, always

Team La Mouette