Spring (menu) has sprung.

It was with great excitement that we anticipated the new Spring Menu from Chef Henry and we weren’t wrong in doing so! The kitchen is definitely evolving at a beautiful and steady pace as the days grow longer and the light grows brighter. Chef Henry seems to have found a nice rhythm in this country that once was so foreign to an English boy from Lincoln.

 The Spring Tasting Menu certainly rivals its older brother, the Winter Menu. Where the root vegetables and warming comfort of the French Onion soup has now been replaced by lighter more seasonal vegetables in for example, the colourful pea and mint risotto or the very flavoursome artichoke veloute. (such a favourite that Chef Henry had to email the recipe to some of our Johannesburg based customers!)

We are very proud of this menu and feedback has been extremely favourable so far. My personal favourite has to be the new sirloin as the main course option – watercress puree and real hollandaise makes this sirloin sing – and just when you cannot lick your lips anymore the ever so slight tamarind glaze always gets you in the end.

 Spring is most certainly here – so break out the bubbles, bring on the sunshine and join us in the courtyard for our seasonal fare in celebration of summer enroute.