La Mouette serving up autumn.

I guess it is the right time to talk about our autumn menu, even if just because everything looks so amazing. Henry is really finding his place in Cape Town and it is a pleasure to be a part of his dynamic and enthusiastic way of thinking, as well as the fact that he is so proud and happy to be here.

 He finds the weather the biggest treat of all – of course, with the lovely Cape Town locals a very close second. There has not been one night so far that customers hadn’t wanted to meet him in person and convey their congratulations and great feedback on the food.

 And talking about the food…

 Good news is that mussels are back on the menu, Henry is yet again serving his wonderful mussel pot with cream and shallot sauce, not to mention the fresh and fragrant tuna tartar with avocado puree (my personal favourite) as well as the new and improved mushroom risotto!

 As Henry’s mum used to say when dining in Kensington Place in London, ‘Henry, it was like autumn on a plate’.

 We cannot thank everyone enough for their support through our growing stages, from the informative and sometimes inventive wine suppliers, to the food suppliers and their amazing produce, all the way to the foodies, bloggers, reviewers, media and above all the locals.

 La Mouette is a happy place and happy to be here, thank you Cape Town!