Countdown to the 6th of May

By the time you read this online – La Mouette will be close to opening and fingers crossed – happily be enjoying her maiden flight into the restaurant world of wonders.

At this very moment where I am sitting in my kitchen on a Sunday morning, sipping on the caffeine that will hopefully kick my brain into action – we have less than one week to go until D-Day. To be precise – 4 days until real customers walk into our doors.

They will sit in the same dining rooms we have so meticulously designed for dining comfort without pretence. They will order the wine we have selected one by one, tasting on endless tasting and they will most importantly sit down to sample our menu. A Menu that has been put together by a passion for flavour and colour and inspired by a new country for our British chef who has come from afar to open his own restaurant in Cape Town.

The emotions are excitable and nervous at the same time, but never forget that we are living the dream as they say. Given that we have never before been in a position to say that – it feels damn good to say it out loud once in a while.

La Mouette is a dream that we have harboured for many years – never knew that it would happen in Seapoint, never knew the restaurant would be an old manor house and certainly never knew we would find a wonderful business partner in Gerrit our dear friend, a fantastic restaurant manager in childhood friend Nanette and above all, a passion for food and wine that conquered the fear of opening your own.

There is 4 days to go – let the games begin. See you there!

Henry, Mari and Gerrit

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  1. Jeff the Chef says:

    I guess all the AAARRRGGHH is now over and I bet you guys are really creaming it in! Reviews are great and I wish I could be there!

    Miss You,


  2. Rika says:

    Good Luck for the rest of the week. Dinner on Saturday (one of your pre-openings) was lovely. You are going to be a great success.

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