La Mouette 3 days and counting

It’s all happening at La Mouette, we have real customers who are really happy and I think all in all the word is spreading. Thank you so much to everyone who had written such amazing reviews – keep them coming! (Unless of course you had a hideous time and I had to comp the meal and cry myself to sleep…) Which I hope will never happen.

The food looks yummy – especially the beef for two! It’s flying out of the kitchen with Henry’s French–style sauces. It’s so refreshing to taste real sauces like proper mushroom and bordelaise sauce –mmmmmm. Can you tell I am writing this late at night – post service and definitely in late night munchie mode – aaahhh meat.

Damn it’s good to be back in SA, where the meat is meat and a man must eat. (As my dad would always say every time he sat down to a perfectly cooked piece of meat!)

Looking forward to busy nights with happy people, glasses of beautiful red wine and crackling fireplaces.

Happiness turned out to be a restaurant in Seapoint. Who knew…