Done and dusted

How much fun was last night ala chef’s table finale? Those who were there were treated to Chris’s Whale tales, Mackspill’s hilarious stories and Jamie Who’s insightful take on it all – not to forget the fabulous wine pairing from Miss LAvenir herself, Sam Pugh. It all amounted into a hilarious louder than anything gossip, eating, drinking and laughing session, all through Henry’s 8 course tasting menu. The highlight most certainly being the ‘’crunchie “dessert at the end, as well as the Lávenir Grand Vin Pinotage on offer, not a wine for the faint hearted and therefore matching the evening that was also not for the faint hearted. (Tongue in cheek of course)

We had a great time – today my head hurts, my eyes are scratchy and my body begs for a holiday, but who cares because we did it! We pulled off three VIP Chef’s tables in three days within 2 weeks of opening the restaurant! Would I do it again? All the preparation, stress and nerves involved?

Absolutely and in a Cape Town minute!

We met some amazing people and thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback and press to come. Team La Mouette looks forward to welcoming you all back again soon!

Here are the links to some of our very fun and wonderful guests from last night. Their blogs are well worth a read – enjoy!

Private Dining Room